What’s the Importance of Chemical Industries?

Chemical industries play a major role in making our day to day lives easy and comfortable. Most of the raw materials are converted to products we use on a daily basis by the chemical industries. Hence, it is vital for us to understand the importance of chemical industries, which have touched the different facets of our life like Food, Environment, Agriculture, Décor, and other lifestyle aspects. Chemical industries also help in making our environment a better place to live in, by re-cycling the products and giving them another leash of life.

Chemicals play an important role in enhancing the flavours of our food. The preservatives and artificial flavours, which enhance the taste and shelf life of the food, are all manufactured by such industries. The polymers manufactured by them are used in wiring, furniture, home décor and electronics. Fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides manufactured by the chemical industries also contribute greatly to the agriculture industry. Pharma industry, which manufactures drugs and chemicals for the betterment of the human race, are also dependent on these industries for their survival. Hence, chemical industries touch various aspects of our life from food industry, agricultural industry, textile industry, pharma industry to the manufacturing and research industry.

The main products of the chemical industry include Basic Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals and Consumer Chemicals. Basic Chemicals can further be categorized into petrochemicals (chemicals derived from oil and petrol), polymers, and basic inorganics. Basic chemicals are produced in large quantities and mainly used as byproducts within the chemical industries for manufacturing other products, which can be consumed by the customer. For example, Ammonia prepared from natural gas is used to make nitric acid and fertilizers.

When we talk about petrochemicals, the hydrocarbons in the crude oil are processed and converted to a wide range of products comprising of petrol, ethane, and other products, which can further be used to manufacture fertilizers. Basic inorganic chemicals are low cost chemicals used abundantly in the agriculture and manufacturing industries. These chemicals include chlorine, nitric acid, sodium hydroxide, which are used by a lot of sodium bicarbonate supplier industries across the world.

A wide range of chemicals used in agriculture for protecting crops, colorants, paints fall in the Speciality Chemicals category. The chemicals used in the textile and paper manufacturing industry also come under this category. Chemical companies in India and abroad are researching on the speciality industries on a large scale, as speciality chemicals are found to deliver better and provide greater profitability.

Consumer chemicals are the ones that are sold directly to the users in the market. They include detergents, perfumes, cosmetics, toiletries and soap. The demand for effective and safe detergent has increased in the market over the last few years. Researchers are constantly working towards achieving this.

The contribution of any chemical company in India to the economy of the country is commendable. Their contribution always forms a major part of the wealth of the country. The sales in the chemical industry have only grown positively over the years.