Things You Need to Know While Shipping Goods from U.S to Canada

Wisconsin is a state from the northern part of United States. Like so many other states of United States, Wisconsin is also a business hub. They have many business transactions with Canada in particular.

One of the most frequently asked questions is if there is an extra fee or tax that needs to be paid for shipping goods from the U.S to Canada? Well, the answer is ‘YES’

What most of us forget is that shipping goods or anything in general to Canada is no different from shipping things overseas. One must realize that shipping to Canada still means shipping through an international border and with this there come rules and regulations that are applied by default.

Now, the first thing that one worries about while shipping goods to Canada is the taxes and fines they have to pay. One thing that you must be aware of Canada is that this country has different taxes and fines depending on the province you want to ship to. This is something that your customs broker must inform you about. Now some Canadian provinces will have both GST (General Sales Tax) and PST (Provincial Sales Tax). While some have only GST, some have moved to Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), which is a blend of PST and GST in combination with the single tax.

In order to get your shipment across the Canadian border, you will have to pay the required customs broker fee. Customs brokerage services are best provided by agents like They offer excellent money saving tip and techniques.

Usually, the custom brokers charge in accordance to the shipments. So, while transporting across the Canadian border, try to combine few shipments into a single shipment, you should do that as this could save you a few bucks.

The shipments require a basic fee that needs to be paid, but one must always keep themselves aware of any hidden charges based on the stuff that is being shipped.

Certain kinds of products/goods need additional permits or licenses to ship across the Canadian or just any international border. The only way to find out if your goods would require any such permission is by asking your service provider. Also, make sure to ask the estimated cost required for shipping. In order for things to go smoothly, one must hire an excellent servicing company.