Small Business Coaching – Be in Control, Whatever Brexit Delivers

Renewed confidence should be capitalised on.

After the Brexit vote, there was a considerable lack of optimism in the business community, however, as 2017 rolls on it appears that optimism is returning. There are over 5.5 million private sector businesses and 47% of the annual private sector turnover is provided by SME’s so the renewed confidence is encouraging.

The outlook is positive and exports are a primary growth area. 30% of small businesses expect higher volume exports in the next quarter.

Investigate small business coaching

To realise their SME’s full potential, business leaders should consider small business coaching. Make the absolute most of current trading conditions, realise expectations and see tangible results.

Whatever Brexit delivers, keep your business at optimum health levels. The catastrophic meltdown that was predicted after the Brexit vote didn’t materialise and today’s conditions are robust. Don’t miss your opportunities to prosper and don’t take unnecessary risks.

We needn’t assume that the worst-case scenario is the one we’ll find ourselves in as the Brexit negotiations are finalised. A business coach will strengthen your operation for today and tomorrow’s conditions.

Talk to a business development coach

A business coach is regularly tasked with helping business leaders to realise short and long term goals which are achievable and reasonable. Small business coaching is a key motivator; everyone working towards a goal that is attainable can increase productivity, morale and ultimately revenue.

Business coaches are qualified to help SME’s to adapt to changes and overcome obstacles. This proves invaluable in a fast-moving world and marketplace.

The past has shown that small businesses will adapt and they will flourish with the right advice and approach. Brexit may be new but the fluctuation of trading conditions isn’t. It can be handled well, there’s no need to dread the future.

Peter Smith and Thames Valley Business Advisors

Let’s take Peter Smith as an example of a leading small business coaching service provider. He has been working with businesses since 2005 on coaching and strategic planning. He assists CEO’s and businesses leaders to address problems, increase business and get from the present to the future securely and confidently. He is a keen member of the Thames Valley Business Advisors and would welcome the opportunity to help you and your small business.

Small business coaching sets you ahead of your rivals.

By harnessing the knowledge and skills of a proven business coach you and your team will have clarity, wisdom and realism to work with. Meanwhile, your competitors may still be plodding along, fingers crossed and worrying about what the future holds for them. That’s definitely a less effective approach.

Business modelling is a tool that allows business leaders to play “what if?” It takes external factors, regulation changes, supplier issues, client retention and attrition rates in to account and places your business in a stronger position.

Act today and marry the current positive outlook with the skills of a business development coach. Plan, set goals, achieve them and enjoying feeling empowered.