Plus Size Fashion Tips

Just because you are bigger than the others does not mean you can’t look hot. That is definitely not the case with so many options these days when it comes to clothes. In fact, you can easily get dresses online as there are now so many online casual wear suppliers. One of these suppliers is Bewakoof which is a casual wear brand and an online business name at the same time.

Yes, don’t sulk in the corner as you will surely look hot after browsing these tips below:

Hide what you need to hide

Well admit it, because you are plus size, you have to find a way to camouflage some of your extra baggage. The trick is to learn how to do that through your choice of clothes. It is all about being resourceful and creative.

Use only well-fitting undergarments

Your clothes might be the ones to bring the best and to hide the worst in you but they can only do so much. Your choice of undergarments will matter a lot as well since they are the first things you will wear. The clothes will only be worm after them.

Use textiles that can accentuate what you want to accentuate

Depending on where your best asset it, find a kind of fabric that will boost it. A reliable tailor should be able to help you with this. You can ask for guidance and still, you can buy ready-to-wear dresses afterward.

Just one thing though, if you will wear leggings, be sure that you don’t have large hips as this will surely look awful on you.

You can flatter your half top

If most of your weight is on your tummy or on the half top, you can use shaped t-shirts instead of untailored ones like those that are usually found in department stores. You will usually find shirts like this in the maternity sections. This can camouflage your tummy.

Match your accessories

You can pull off large accessories if you are a plus size. In fact, it is recommended that you should or else, your accessories will look lame if they are too small for your look.

Indeed no one can stop you to look hot and awesome if you know how to pull it off. You just have to learn how to be creative and know the right resources like Bewakoof. They have an amazing array of plus size apparels.