How Can A PR Company Train An Executive To Deal With The Media?

Executives need to be able to handle the media because they are the “public face” of a company. Journalists might want to speak to the executive for a television interview or to obtain quotes for a written article.

People who have not been trained how to conduct interviews with journalists might find them daunting. However, even a small amount of training will help them to improve.

Many PR agencies offer to train people so that they can comfortably conduct interviews. How can a PR company train executives about dealing with the media?

  1. Training About Understanding The Role Of The Reporter
  2. Training About How To Convey Information In A Concise Manner
  3. Training About How To Present The Company As Knowledgeable
  4. Training About Dealing With Hostile Questions
  5. Training About Public Speaking

  • Understanding The Reporter – A PR agency can teach executives about the role of the reporter. The agency will instruct the executive that they can see the journalist as an ally rather than an adversary. Journalists can be a useful conduit for disseminating information out into the wider world. The executives will be taught that the journalists are under pressure with tight deadlines, which means that their questions need to be dealt with properly.

  • Conveying Information Concisely – Conveying information concisely during an interview is not always easy. You might be interviewed in real time on live television.

  • Presenting The Company As Knowledgeable – An executive needs to present their company as knowledgeable and a leader in the industry. This is not always easy, but training can be provided if you are having difficulty with this aspect of interviews.

The PR specialists can train executives so that they can use industry-specific terms correctly when they are being interviewed. This makes the company sound knowledgeable. Executives will also be trained to use figures correctly to back up the claims that they make when they are being interviewed.

  • Dealing With Hostile Questions – Executives can be trained to deal with hostile questions.

Sometimes questioning from journalists will not be positive, so executives can be trained by PR specialists to stay calm in this situation. The executive will also be trained the best ways to answer hostile questions without sounding rude or defensive. A bad interview can be damaging for the reputation of a company, so it is important that executives are able to handle these stressful situations correctly.

  • Handling Public Speaking With Confidence – Executives may be required to speak at conferences. This may be daunting, but they can be trained by a PR specialist to ensure that they deliver their speeches with both clarity and confidence.

PR specialists can train executives in a number of different ways so that they find interviews and public speaking engagements manageable.