GWC Valve International: Recruitment Process

When it comes to the GWC Valve International company, recruiting qualified employees who can properly operate the machinery to build the valves is extremely important for their company reputation. It is important that when they post the job opening, they need to have qualified candidates who have 5 plus years in operating machinery to build the valves. There are four steps to the recruitment process which include first identifying job openings and for this there is a policy for every organization which is to inform your immediate supervisor if you leave, step two is to specify the job requirements by having a clear job description, which states what product knowledge or selling skills a candidate would need and more, the third step is the methods of recruitment, which can be internal or external methods, before you can look for outside candidates, the job posting usually has to be posted for 10 days internally. The fourth step is having a pool of qualified applicants which includes going through the employees skills and using three tools such as the job posting, HR records and skills inventories the company has.

Recruitment of diversity is also important in order for the company to have different views, values and input on a new idea that can drive their company’s sales. Recruitment of diversity means recruiting individuals regardless of their age, physical disabilities, mental disabilities, an aboriginal person, women, and even if they are a visible minority in today’s society. The reason why it is important to have diverse employees is due to everyone having different values and therefore people will be able to come up with different ideas on how to better a product or service, or just the company in general. The recruitment process is something that is very important for every organization in order for them to find the employees who meet exactly the job description and the job requirements.