Christmas…and No Room for The Turkeys?

Do you run a restaurant or hold Christmas functions and events on your premises?

Are you finding it difficult to house the increased amounts of refrigerated stock as the Christmas festivities take hold in the hospitality trade?

This is arguably the time that customers who don’t normally venture out will take to the dance floor and gorge themselves on Christmas pudding because they can say “well, it is Christmas!”

This means that the numbers swell and whether it’s for private parties or a company thank you to staff for their year’s work every person who walks through your doors wants the best hospitality, food and drink and fun.

Don’t turn business away because your refrigeration facilities are inadequate to meet seasonal demands, instead contact a cold room hire firm like Icecool Trailers who are based in Newbury and organise walk in cold room facilities for the peak period.

Walk in cold rooms are delivered and installed on site by the hire company and set up ready for use.

They can be positioned in any interior space, if you require external facilities you may prefer to hire a fridge trailer which can sit outdoors, perhaps adjacent to the kitchen.

Both options are fully maintained and insured, the only difference is the wheels. Fridge trailers have them, cold rooms don’t.

The cold room hire can last for as little or as long as you wish but if the hire covers the Christmas period you need to act quickly to guarantee the size facilities that you want to have.

That said, if you should miss out on a 2.4m cold room hire unit the cost for a 3m one wouldn’t be prohibitive.

Different firms stock varying sized walk in cold rooms but all of them can be worked in without contravening health and safety legislation.

Although Christmas is a very busy time for cold room service providers they should be able to help you in an emergency.

Many of them are contactable 24/7 because as we all know fate doesn’t always allow facilities to break down at convenient times.

If your existing on site chiller fails, you’ll need a swift resolution to your problem and efficient hire facilities.

Again, firms like Icecool Trailers appreciate the urgency of re-establishing order in the kitchen so operations aren’t affected.

Dependant on the geographical distances involved, they can deliver emergency walk in cold rooms and indeed freezer rooms within a few hours.

Christmas trading levels demand excellence and efficiency so that the best customer service and meals can be delivered.

The weight of expectation is heavier in December than in any other month so ensure that your stock is in the best condition when it leaves the kitchen.

Don’t struggle through Christmas or make trips to collect fresh stock every day to compensate for limited space, think of chiller hire and book it now to enjoy a cost effective solution and peace of mind. Tick one Christmas hospitality concern off your list.