Choosing the Right Auto Accident Lawyer

Selecting the best auto accident lawyer to represent you and obtain the best possible settlement is not an easy task.  The moment you start to look for one you will realize just how many there are!

It is an incredibly competitive marketplace; the majority of auto accident lawyer’s will offer you a ‘no win, no fee’ deal.  Instead of having to find the funds to pay for their services; they will hold off taking payment until they win your case.  At this point they will receive a set percentage of your compensation.  Whilst this reduces your compensation payout it does have two positive effects:

  • Success – It is very unlikely that an auto accident lawyer, such as Clarke Law, will accept your case under this scheme unless they are confident that they have a good chance of winning.  Of course, it s impossible to guarantee victory but it will make it seem a distinct possibility!
  • The Claim – Alongside the standard claim for your vehicle, you will be guided towards the appropriate medical care.  This is particularly important as you may develop longer term solutions from the injuries you have experienced.  A good auto accident lawyer will ensure you are adequately compensated and can afford your medical bills now and in the future.

There are several steps you must follow to ensure you choose the right auto accident lawyer:

Pick Several

The first step is always to look at several different possibilities.  It is easiest to find these by talking to family and friends to see which firms have provided good service in the past.  You would hope that one firm’s name will be mentioned more times than the others; this will provide you with a good starting point.  You will then be able to investigate these few firms closer.


Having picked several potential firms you will need to review them properly.  You should visit their website to see which services they offer and the finance arrangement.  It is worth noting that, although many firms do not want paying until the case has been won, you can choose to pay them yourself.  This should not reduce your chance of winning but it may mean that the overall cost is lower.

The easiest way to review the different firms is to check on social media sites and look at the trend of the comments made.  It should be positive!


The next stage must be to visit your potential auto accident lawyer.  You will be able to start with your preferred option.  The purpose of a visit is to judge how good their customer service is. You must feel comfortable talking to them and dealing with them.

You first visit can involve a chat about the case or simply an opportunity to talk to the receptionists.

Follow their Advice

Having chosen an auto accident lawyer it is important to follow their advice.  They will be able to guide you towards the right medical care and to ensuring you are properly checked over.  An injury may not be apparent today but it may have long lasting effects.

Having the right auto accident lawyer will ensure you have the best chance of recovering and of gaining the compensation you deserve.