Boxing Day Chaos with ValueMags

ValueMags is feeling the heat as Boxing Day just hit. Reeling in the year means that deals are at their highest and prices are at their lowest. The marketing agency for magazines has reached its peak for magazine orders in the past week. The majority of ValueMags offers and partnerships include magazines that already offer coupons and deals within the magazine. These magazines will even give individuals who have the magazine the occasion to receive rebates that non-owners of the magazines could not get.

Although the business is creating a lot of publicity and growth in interest amongst holiday shoppers about ValueMags, the company needs to consider expanding. Meeting quotas, deadlines, and customer expectations is one of the most important values and goals of the ValueMags team. As a result of being hard on themselves, their current business operating capacity has put a lot of stress on their team to meet Boxing Day and holiday orders.

In the New Year, ValueMags will have to consider expanding their distribution department. Operating at maximum capacity during regular business hours, the company was able to meet client expectation throughout the year, even during the holiday season. However, this year, the ValueMags team has been able to operate at maximum capacity but over their regular business hours. Although the ValueMags team is dedicated group of individuals, they also have families, traditions, and obligations to attend to. This expansion will likely include ValueMags moving their operations to a bigger facility. The Boxing Day rush brings up other concerns as well. Expanding to effectively manage magazine orders is healthy for employees and the company morale but will it be profitable or worth it during the rest of the year when there is no rush. Maybe then, ValueMags should consider distributing internationally?

There are many questions surrounding the expansion of business activities. For ValueMags, they have to consider their clients and their partners (who they market for).